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6 Color CI Type Flexo Printing Machine with Chamber Doctor Blade: HSP-610-DR2 Model

CI Type Flexo Printing Machines: HSP-DR Series


The flexo printing press machine with closed chamber doctor blade system, unwind and rewind auto tension control, EPC, crane 0.5 tons x 2 sets, and pneumatic ink circulating pump set, blade imported from the UK, with very good quality, high efficiency, and long duration.

The doctor blade coating will bring the even ink to transfer on the rubber block, and the printing color is even and smooth for the color performance, saving the ink and solvent consumption.


  • Food paper packages
  • Aluminium foil
  • LDPE, HDPE, OPP, plastic bag printing
  • Reversed printing



6 Color Flexo Printing Press Machine

  • Web Width: 800 mm ~ 1600 mm
  • Printing Width: 700 mm ~ 1500 mm
  • Repeat Printing Length: 250 mm ~ 1000 mm