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Flexo Printing Machine For Woven Sacks, Cement Bags, coating OPP printing.

  • This flexo machine is special for the heavy duty packaging materials, including pp/pe woven sack roll, and craft paper printing.
  • machine body use big iron casted frame with varnish coating, unwinding with auto tension controller and epc system, roll to roll continue printing bring the most stable and rapid production volume, before fabric and paper go into the printing station with the banana roller to spread the film and paper more even, standard equipped with the crane chain type assist the change raw materials and unload the printed materials.


  • Hoist with capacities: 0.5t x 2 sets
  • Pneumatic ink circulating pump with tank set: 4 sets
  • Rewinding with surface type, the winding diameter maximum is 1100mm.


4 Color

  • Web Width: 800mm ~ 1800mm
  • Printing Width: 700mm ~ 1700mm
  • Repeat Printing Length: 250mm ~ 1000mm