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6 Color Reel-to-reel Offline Type Flexo Printing Machine: LL-6000 Model

Reel-to-reel Offline Type Flexo Printing Machines: LL Series


Require small space, easy operation, and maintenance; manpower, and cost-saving.

Application Material

The Flexographic Printing Press Machine is suitable for printing: roller paper, packing paper, cellophane, fiberglass web, tubular films, PP woven sack, and PP/LOPE/LLDPE/HDPE/BOPP poly bags.


  1. Used with either solvent or water-based flexo-printing ink only.
  2. The photopolymer plate or rubber plate with 2.50 mm in thickness is the first priority, other size is available by request.
  3. The printing plate cylinder is controlled by a pneumatic system; easy operation and high accuracy, there will be no defect while starting or stopping the flexo printing machine on the color fixing.
  4. Have a counter device to control production Q'TY, which is reached the presetting numerical then the flexo printing machine will stop working at the same time.
  5. When the printing roller stop working, the rubber roller and screen anilox roller will be continuously running to avoid drying of printing ink on such rollers.
  6. The hot air fan and blower with respective heaters are mounted on the flexo printing machine. For ink drying to increase production speed.
  7. The heater and fan will take off automatically when the blower stops working. Let this flexo printing press machine keep in a safe position.



6 Color Flexo Printing

Web Width: 600 mm ~ 1200 mm
Printing Width: 500 mm ~ 1100 mm
Repeat Printing Length: 250 mm ~ 1000 mm